About Us

Eyes Publishing Services offers a "true" XML-first composition workflow in which only one stream of data, the XML data, is used throughout the prepress cycle.

Our preferred typesetting program is TeX/LaTeX & XMLTeX because it's the best in professional typesetting for technical and scientific documents, but we are proficient also in using all major Desktop Publishing programs: XMLTeX, InDesign, Microsoft Word, Page Maker, etc. on Windows.

We are specialize in handling complex mathematical & scientific composition using TeX/LaTeX. We can undertake jobs in TeX or LaTeX with customer provided style/class files; alternatively, we can develop style/class files based on your specific needs. Our base core activity is typesetting mathematical books and journals for academic publishers


"Something is what you expect it to be then it is perceived as quality". Quality is our passion. Quality is our business..

Quality is the main theme for all stages of our production work. First, we analyse the project thoroughly and pass the project to the next stage only after making decisions on what to do. We have a separate team for Quality. The main Motto of Eyes Publishing Services is "Quality and On-time".

Contact us today and start streamlining your organization's business processes, and saving yourself time and money. For more information on our data entry services and forms processing, or to schedule a Free Trial, call us: +91-9944338338.