Welcome to Eyes Publishing Services

Our Vision

Eyes Publishing Services is a quality-based outsourcing company located at Pondicherry in India. We offer low-cost technical typesetting books and journals that include Academic, Scientific, Technical, Medical Publishers, and any other companies requiring high-quality and fast turn-around typesetting services and also with ebook conversion.

We are one of the established and experienced outsourcing service providers in epublishing industry with a team of well-qualified and technically experienced people. Our competitive strength is superior customer service, quality control and cost-effective operations.


"Be everywhere, do everything and never fail to fill the needs of the customer".

Our customers are the one who will be
✓  Successful and flourishing by our business
✓  Data secure
✓  Happy to join hands in for creating professionally typeset documents
✓  To enjoy our service all through the process

Customer service is the key source for Eyes Publishing Services. We want our customers to be satisfied and profitable while working with us.

Contact us today and start streamlining your organization's business processes, and saving yourself time and money. For more information on our data entry services and forms processing, or to schedule a Free Trial, call us: +91-9944338338.